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Install .Net Framework

Installing a New Version of .Net Framework

Important Considerations
  • Setting a Windows Restore Point is highly recommended before installing any new version of .Net Framework.

  • Install the Runtime package. You do NOT need the Developers pack.
  • Check the product's Prerequisites page to determine the .Net Framework level required.
  • You may already have automatically recieved the target .Net version from Windows Update.

.Net Framework Download Links (FREE downloads)

Which .Net Framework is currently installed?

Open the program, then click Help > About menu item. Your installed .Net Framework release is listed on the About dialog.

Figure 1. About dialog
Figure 1. About dialog


  1. If you do not know which version you currently have installed, see how to verify your current version.
  2. Do not uninstall other versions of .Net that you may have installed unless you have a need to do so. You may have other programs that require the other versions.
  3. Pick the download link above based on your Windows version. .Net 4.6 comes preinstalled on most Win10 machines. The Web Installer package is recommended since it only downloads what is needed for your system configuration (smallest download size).
  4. Install the selected installer program. This install may take up to 30 minutes or more.
  5. After installing and rebooting, go to Start -- All Programs -- Accessories -- System Tools -- Windows Update to install any necessary security updates and to address any known application compatibility issues.

Note: Client Profile vs. Full Version

Some .Net versions offer a Client Profile and a Full version. .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is the recommended version to run our programs. The Client Profile is a subset of the Full version. The Full version includes extra server dlls which are not required for our products. If you already have the Full version installed, you do NOT need to install the Client Profile.