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Script Sample - Playlist with Cross Fade

About This Sample

This samples shows how to create a simple playlist Script of videos with the following requirements:

  • Import M3U playlist - (Optional) You want to create a Video Mill playlist by importing an existing external M3U playlist file.
  • Play on one display - Videos are to be played on one secondary display in sequential order at full screen size.
  • Cross-fade videos - Videos should cross-fade into each other when one ends and the next begins.
  • Repeat the playlist - The playlist should repeat continously until stopped manually. Or you may want to designate the number of times it repeats.

Create a Playlist

Import a M3U playlist

Before importing the M3U file, go to File > Options. On the General tab, check the checkbox for "Create a Playlist in Automator on Import". Next you can import an M3U playlist by Drag/Drop the file from any file manager (ex Windows File Explorer) into the Media List Editor (MLE, main program window). Or open an M3U file from the MLE File menu. One Media Item will be created for each video listed in the M3U file. Once imported, Video Mill has not further connection to the M3U file. It only reads the M3U file once.

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Create Playlist Manually

If you have no M3U file to import, follow these steps to create a Playlist.

  • Drag/Drop video files from any file manager (ex Windows File Explorer) into the Media List Editor (MLE, main program window).
  • Open the Automator. (File > Actions > Automator)
  • In the Automator, create a new Script. (Edit Script > New Script).
  • Select the Script in the list, then edit it. (Edit Script > Edit Script) This will open the Script Editor.
  • Now add Play steps for each of the video you want to play. In the list of step type, select "Play". Then click the "Add Step" button (green plus sign). From the resulting list, pick all the Media Items you want to play.
  • The "Edit Steps" button allows you to reorder or remove unwanted steps.

Playlist Repeat

If you want this playlist script to repeat, in the the Script Editor, click on the Special Processing bar. Click the Loop Continously checkbox if you want it to repeat until stopped manually. Or specify the number of times you want it to Repeat.

Once created, your Playlist should look similar to Listing 1.

Listing 1. My Playlist
Script: My Playlist
Special Processing:
* Loop continuously.
1. Play (Video1)
2. Play (Video2)
3. Play (Video3)

Apply a Full Screen Template

A Load Template is required to facilitate cross-fade. It basically tell VideoMill which display to use and the size of the video (Full Screen in this case).

  • Go to Tools > Load Templates > Create Basic Templates > Standard Basic Templates. Then pick the display you want to show the videos on (click OK). Next, select Full Screen (click OK).
  • Now we select the template just created to be used as the "Global Template". Go to Tools > Load Templates > Select Global Template.
  • Now we need to set VideoMill Behavior to use the "Global Template". Go to Behavior > Load Templates and select "Global Only" from the menu.

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Cross-Fade Setup

Now set Cross-Fade to Active, as follows:

  • Go to Behavior > Cross-Fade Mode. This toggles the mode between "Active" and "Off".
  • Set Fade Duration. Cross Fade uses the Master Fade-In Duration found in the Media Item Options. For Cross Fades to work properly, Fade-In and Fade-Out durations must be the same amount of time, so the Master Fade-Out Duration is ignored.

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Test the Playlist

Setup is now complete, so in the Automator, select the Playlist script and click the Script Run button. Videos should fade into one another even when click the Next and Previous buttons.