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Media Groups menu

Media Groups Overview

A Media Group (Media Group) is simply a collection of Media Items that you perform operations on as a group. Media Groups, provides a way to operate on multiple Media Items with a single button click (examples: Load, Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, etc.). You create Media Groups, with the Media Groups, Editor. Use the Action Apply Mode pulldown to select "Apply To Group" execution mode. Media Groups, are saved with the Media List for future use.

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Media Groups .

Menu Items

Media Group Editor

The Media Group Editor (Media Group Editor) allows you to make changes to a group. When you Load a group, Screens are Loaded in the order that Media Items are listed in the group.

  • Name - Give the group a logical Name that describes its use. Used for list selection. Keep it short.
  • Edit Description - Click the Edit Desc button to edit the Group description (optional). Useful if the Name is not sufficient to describe its purpose.
  • Edit Items - Add, remove or reorder the Media Items that are contained in the group.
Figure 1. Media Group List dialog
Figure 1. Media Group List dialog
Figure 2. Media Groups Editor
Figure 2. Media Groups Editor

Example: Creating and Using a Media Group

Assume you want to play three videos simultaneously and Play/Pause/Resume/Stop all three in unison with one button click.

Create a New Media Group
  • Go to Media Groups > Edit and Manage Groups menu to open the Media Groups List Editor.
  • Click Add to create a new Group.
  • Select the new Group. Click Edit to open the Media Groups Editor.
  • Give the Group a logical Name.
  • Click Edit Items. Then click Add to add the three video to this Group.
  • You are done. Click OK (several times) as you close out the pop-up dialogs.

Set the Program in Media Group Mode
  • On the Action Apply Mode toolbar, Click the Select Current Group button and pick the new Group.
  • On the Action Apply Mode toolbar, click the Apply-To Current Group button. This sets the program in Media Group mode.
Action Apply Mode toolbar
Action Apply Mode toolbar

Play the Three Videos Simultaneously

Now with the program in Media Group mode, when you click any of the play buttons (Play/Pause/Resume/Stop), the button operation is applied to all the videos contained in the Current Group.