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Play Controls


Works with Action Apply Mode.

Play Controls (Play Controls) (Figure 1) manages the Playback functions. The Play Controls tool bar(Figure 2) and the Actions menu items provide the same functions as the buttons on the Play Controls section. Note the keyboard shortcuts on the Actions menu items.

Play Control Buttons

  • Play- Click the Play button. The selected Media Item plays from the beginning. If you click Play while the video is playing, it will start over from the beginning (a.k.a. rewind).
  • Stop- Click the Stop button to stop the selected Media Item from playing. The video image is frozen at its current play position.
  • Pause- Click the Pause button to pause play of the selected Media Item at the current position.
  • Resume- Click the Resume button to continue play from the postion it was paused.
  • Close / UnLoad Screen- Click the Close Media Screen button to close (UnLoad) the selected Media Item's Screen.
  • Re-Load Screen- Click the Re-Load Screen button to reload the selected Media Item's Screen. Re-Load is required when you make attribute changes to a Media Item and its Media Screen is already loaded.
  • Load- The Load button Loads the selected Media Item and creates a Media Screen for it. If a Media Screen already exists for the Media Item, the Media Screen is brought to the front of other Media Screens.

  • For Load, if the Media filenname is blank, or the file is not found, an error message is shown and no Media Screen is created. Valid filetypes (videos, images, and audio) are not checked. If you specify an invalid type and the file exists, an empty Media Screen is created but the Load will most likely fail.
  • When Apply-To mode is "Apply To Loaded Screens":
    • If no Media Screens are loaded and you click the Play button, the selected Media Item will load and play.
    • If you click the Load button, the selected Media Item will load (if not already loaded).
Figure 1. Play Controls section
Figure 1. Play Controls section

Play Controls tool bar

  • Play Controls tool bar - Buttons (Figure 2, from left to right): Play, Stop, Pause, Resume, Un-Load, Re-Load, Load, UnLoad All Screens.

Also see the Docking Tool bars section.

Figure 2. Play Controls tool bar
Figure 2. Play Controls tool bar