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FreeStyler Options


  • Program Role - Sets the program into one of two roles: Controller or Remote Client. See the separate Program Roles page for details.
  • Shutoff Cue - If you have a Cue that shuts off all lights, a toolbar button on the main window can play the cue. You set this cue in the main window using the Select ShutOff Cue menu item.
  • Cues Folder - This must be set to the Cues folder, a subfolder the FreeStyler install folder. If set incorrectly, FSPortal will not be able to locate cues. The default folder is "C:\FreeStyler\Cues\" , but you may have installed FreeStyler in a different folder.
  • Log Command Execution - When checked, commands sent to FreeStyler are logged to the Command Execution Log. (debug aid)
  • Add Cue Group on Startup - When checked, the specified Cue Group will populate the Cue List on program startup.
Figure 1.  FreeStyler Options
Figure 1. FreeStyler Options