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Untrained User Interface (Locked)
  • Allows basic playlist selection and Play/Stop/Pause/Resume buttons.
  • Touch screen enabled interface.
  • Let untrained user run the program.
  • Run media from remote event room.
  • Prevents user from accessing advanced admin features.

Admin User Interface (Un-Locked)
  • Admin user has full access to advanced features.
  • Provides setup features.
  • Manage multiple instances of Sound Mill and/or Video Mill from a central office.
  • The row of large play control buttons is optional since toolbars are available for the same functions.

Syncronize Play Of Multiple Media Files
  • With one click, perform control actions of multiple media files.
  • Play, Stop, Pause and Resume all media files with one click.
  • Media can reside on one or multiple computers (using Sound Mill and/or Video Mill).
  • Example image depicts synchroning 4 videos for a 360 degree panorama.
  • Uses the Cue Groups feature.