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DirectX Test Tool

Attention: DirectX 9.0c is no longer required as a pre-requisite for the latest Version/release of any of our products. This information is provided only for users of older versions.

DirectX Test Tool

This is the easiest way to check your DirectX 9.0c pre-requisite. Some of these checks can be performed manually if you prefer.


  1. Download the DirectX Test Tool
    Download link: DirectX Test Tool ( V.r 1.2, 70Kb)
  2. Double click the file to start the program.
  3. Click the "View DX Info" menu item.

Action Descriptions

  • View DX Info - Will run the following tests on your computer.
    • Searches the Windows registry for key HKey Local Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX,Version= . If found and the Version value is correct then DirectX 9.0c is installed.
    • Will look for the date of DirectSound dll (dsound.dll MUST be dated March 2008 or later). This check is valid on XP only. On Windows® 10/8/7 , dsound.dll may be inside a CAB file.
    • Will attempt to initialize your detected sound devices for DirectX. A result of "Initialized=False" indicates the init failed. Failed init may indicate a problem with the device. Check for device errors in Windows Control Panel -- System -- Device Manager . Or the device may not have a DirectX driver which is normal for some devices (ex. a dial-up modem card with a speaker).
Best Practice: In some cases, even when DirectX 9.0c is installed, it may have a corrupted or missing file(s). We recommend you install the latest release of DirectX 9.0c which may fix DirectX errors and may provide security and performance enhancements.

Figure 1.  DirectX Test Tool
Figure 1. DirectX Test Tool