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About Checksum

You can trust the MSI files downloaded from our website. We have never received a report of a hacker tampering with our program installer MSI files. This information is provided for security minded users.

A Checksum (Listing 1) is a method to verify the integrity of a downloaded file to ensure that it has not been tampered with by a hacker. The Checksum is a unique computed hash value that identifies a file's contents. Changing even one bit of data in the file will dramatically change its Checksum hash value.

Our program installer files (MSIs) are distributed via public download sites as well. To verify the integrity of a file downloaded from another public download website, you can use the Checksum listed on our program download page.

How to Verify a Checksum

7Zip, the popular open source file unzipper, will show a files's checksum value. Or there are many other free downloadable apps that can check a file's checksum -- just do a web search for "file hash checker". You can use a Power Shell command prompt to verify a file's checksum. Microsoft Power Shell comes installed on most Windows versions or can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft.

Using Power Shell

Open a Power Shell command prompt. In the windows start menu search box, type "Power Shell" to locate the PS command prompt window. Then type the following command based on the example (your download folder will vary):

Get-FileHash "C:\Downloads\VideoMill_Installer_V2_22.msi" -Algorithm SHA256

Then compare the result hash value to the Checksum listed on our download page.

Listing 1. Example Checksums
Algorithm       Hash
---------       ----
MD5             ED2646184A650233E9A016AEAE9B664D
SHA1            C05167C08C846BC15EC2CF7AE7C55AB62640D2CF
SHA256          F4E86C3698215B1F9F65426627F1CF960A293147DD63027D61C18ED33F04C053