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Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Edit Media List .

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Menu Items

Tip Tip - Loading a media file makes some stealth changes to the Media Item because Screen information is recorded while it is open. This means that when sorting by Date/Time Modified, a recently Loaded item will move to the top of the sort list.

Tip Tip - Note on Sort By Description: If you want to be able to sort your Media Items by position within a theatrical script (or other type of ordered production), consider prefixing each Description with values that indicate its position. For example, to sort by Act/Scene you might prefix each Description with numbers (example Act 2 , scene 3 would be "02.03 Rain storm scene backdrop"). Then you can use the Sort By Description operation and any report generated will have the Media Items ordered by the script. Use two digits (ie 02 rather than 2) if the production numbers will exceed a single digit (ie 10 or greater).


Find attempts to find the next (or previous) occurrence of the Find Text specified in the Tools toolbar Find Text textbox (see Figure 1). You select the Media Item Target field that will be searched.

Menu Items

Tip Tip - Leading and trailing blanks are not trimmed from the Find Text. So for example, if you specify "My " (with a trailing blank) for the Find Text, the search will match "My Video" but not "MyVideo".

Figure 1.  Tools toolbar
Figure 1. Tools toolbar