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Program Start-Up by Batch File


You can start the program by a windows batch file (.Bat file extension). You can run it by double clicking on the Bat file in Windows Explorer or by adding the file to your Windows Startup folder which will make it run automatically when you boot the computer. The batch file can be placed in any convenient folder.

Passing Parameters

You can pass the following parameters to the program via the batch file.

  1. No Parameters - If no Parameters are passed, it will simply start the program with no Medialist loaded. (Syntax Option #1 below)
  2. Media List filename - This target Medialist will be opened on program start-up. Must include the full folder path and drive letter of the file. Enclose the filename in double quotes (") if the filename or folders contain space characters (blanks). (Syntax Option #2 below)
  3. RUNSCRIPT - The Script-Id of a target Script is passed. It will be run on program start-up. (Syntax Option #3 below)


Create a batch file with any name and with a .bat file extension. The contents of the file will be in the format of one of the Valid Options below.

Valid Options
  1. VideoMill.exe
  2. VideoMill.exe MediaListName
  3. VideoMill.exe MediaListName RUNSCRIPT Script-Id

Real Example

Note the use of full folder paths and double quotes when spaces exist in folder paths. Your VideoMill.exe folder location may differ from the example below.

"C:\Program Files\Breakthru Software\Video Mill\VideoMill.exe" "C:\Users\YourId\Documents\Video Mill\Grease.MLT" RUNSCRIPT 12345678