Product icon Help book icon FreeStyler DMX Portal : User's Guide


Usage Don'ts

  • No commas or apostrophes allowed in Cue names - FreeStyler Cue names should NOT contain commas (,) or apostrophes (;) even though FreeStyler may allow it. These punctuation marks are used for FSPortal command syntax. Cues names containing these marks will not be parsed correctly.
  • Do NOT operate the FSPortal UI when it is receiving IPC commands - Do NOT operate the FSPortal controller user interface (UI) or FreeStyler UI at times when it may be receiving commands from Sound Mill or Video Mill. The UI may change FSPortal internal structures at the same instant that a command is being processed and that can cause undetermined results.
  • Playing Sequences in sequential order - When using the FreeStyler Cuelist option "Make the Sequences Play in Sequential Order", your cues need to contain the same number of sequences. For example, if CueA contains 8 sequences, then CueB must contain 8 and they need to be aligned in the same sequence slot numbers. The FreeStyler API does not have a method to Clear the Cuelist sequences. So when loading sequences of a new cue that has fewer sequences than the previous cue, some old sequences remain in the FreeStyler Cuelist. The workaround is to manually use the "Clear Cuelist" menu item in the FreeStyler Cuelist UI after playing a cue. We have submitted a feature request to add the function to the API, but there is no guarentee if/when it might get added.

On 64-bit Systems

  • Execution mode 32-bit - FreeStyler DMX Portal will run in 32-bit mode on 64-bit systems. This is due to the FreeStyler API which uses 32-bit dlls. This should not have any significant effect on performance as FSPortal is not a CPU intensive program.